I tried something a while back, just to realign my thoughts and try grasp an inkling of direction in my life - I wrote down a simple list of seven things I really wanted, simple and short. Over time, below these listed things - I started to write more words that captured a bit more depth behind these words.

Still not really thinking that this project was actually of purpose, I found my mindset of these words just started to change. Soon, I was describing ideas and goals and what I had to do to get from A to B and which boundaries and morals I would set up for myself to make sure in the pursuit of these - I am not compromised. To make sure I remain true to myself. I started playing on these ideas and developing them and suddenly I realised, this list is of purpose and value to me. It's me asking the universe for what I want and then reminding myself on how to get there, without losing myself in the process.

I later learned that I had unintentionally created a manifestations list, from what I thought were boring doodles in a book came something quite important to me. Something I constantly look back on when I feel unaligned with myself, so definitely a must if you find yourself getting caught up in the rush of life - which we all do.

It doesn't have to be serious, it doesn't have to be philosophical or poetic, just start out with a few words and let the ideas, feelings and thoughts grow naturally over time.

I've realised that manifestations aren’t about what you want in place of what you currently have. They are about seeing where you are going with everything you might have – only minus the toxicities.

So in this light, i’m putting my pride aside…again, and sharing my manifestations with you, maybe it can serve as a guideline if you need some ideas on where you want to go with yours.  Also just remember, we are constantly changing, so naturally what you want in life will change too, so always keep re-looking and re-adjusting (basically like everything else in life).
I wrote these down about 8 months ago, and it is so interesting looking at which of them I am living and how many have changed. :P


This now includes a number of ventures, but the base line stays the same: I want to connect like-minded people who share and enjoy the same truths and happiness’s.

3 creations (which I’ll have to keep to myself) all involving complete opposite things but all involving my huge passions.
• My love for marketing and the way in which it can connect the right people in order to solve the right, most relevant problem.
• My love for food, the way it brings people together and creates beautiful memories.
• My love for the environment and respecting where our everyday ‘things’ come from. To preserve and respect the artisans who have taken the time to respect the source of their income whilst preserving the environment.


Oh, how lucky I find myself living this truth!
To see a world I know nothing about & to meet new people that will inspire me to grow and be my absolute best self. In travelling I want to learn lessons on how to be present & live for the moment. I want to fill my heart with gratitude in knowing that every new day is a gift and I refuse to waste my gift on unhappiness brought about by others negativity.


To grow within myself to become a person I am proud to be. I want to sustain my ambition by always opening my eyes to opportunities. To be gentle and kind, but to know my place and when it is right to stand and fight or when to walk away. I want to love someone with my whole heart, to feel comfortable and confident in loving them. To keep feeding my creative energy & filling my soul with things that make me happy like art, books, friends, surfing and exploring the outdoors.


My body is the ultimate gift of all, my only vessel. Without it I have and am nothing – I need to treat it that way. Nourish and care for it by eating well and knowing where my food is coming from. By remaining fit and exercising daily because there is no better feeling than being fit and healthy.

In the spirit of being healthy, I too want to have a conscious mind when it comes to consuming food. To try and grow organically if and where I can, to consume organically (not because it's a fad or trend) but because I genuinely care about what our consumer habits are doing to our environment, and to be able to give back to those who don't have food on their table, whilst we waste the food on ours.


I want to fall madly in love.
I am hopeful that I will meet the man of my dreams – I do believe he is out there. I will bloom for him if he is able to show I am worth everything. I will never again place myself in a situation where I am left questioning my worth. I want someone to love me. Fully – because I know my capability of love, and that is something I don’t question. I will love hard. Accepting love is always something we question within ourselves - realising I am worth a big love will be a challenge for me, but something I hope to work on.



My family is everything to me. I love them so much and will always keep them close.

I would love to create a beautiful family of my own someday, with the man that I love. Showing nothing but pillars of support to each others dreams and creative pursuits.
I don’t want to restrict myself to the family cliche of find a guy, get married, have 2.5 kids etc. Sure, find a guy that I love. But if we don’t get married but we’re happy – so be it. If we decide to create a family out of wedlock, then fine! My ultimate goal is happiness, if we are happy, that’s where you’ll find me. Preferably on the beach, whilst he teaches our kids how to surf and open coconuts.
Oh, and with a dog for sure!


It’s within me to want to be a success in everything I place my heart and energy towards. Hard work is inevitable and definitely what I am willing to put in, but I never want to give up on the things that fill my heart. I will learn to let go of the people and things that are no longer serving me.