Bali: Land of the fun, ferocious and creatively free.

When we are younger, we don’t have these dreams.

These dreams of ‘one day finding those moments, those moments of living freely, openly, experimentally and more importantly stupidly. Jumping into things in a complete state of oblivion. We didn’t dream of creativity, we simply lived it… we just were. Whether it be in the games we played, the fairies we saw or the strength/superpowers we assumed we had. We just lived it out. Invincibly, with this magnificent child-like enthusiasm.

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Yes, partially because there was no consequence, if we fell – we got picked up. If we failed or couldn’t quite get that one thing right – we were encouraged, talked up not commanded down and deemed a failure.

Somewhere along the way, certainly somewhere along my way – I started taking myself too seriously. Started taking simple and insignificant things too seriously.

I missed the moments where I could divulge fully and whole-heartedly into creative projects without silly and quite frankly unnecessary questions like; ‘ where do you see this going?’, ‘ Are you planning on selling this?’ or ‘ oh, so your like, calling yourself an artist or writer or designer or whatever now?’

Firstly; no, none of the above and secondly my passion or anyone’s passions never need be monetised or made into a huge success in order for them to be deemed as achievements. Let passions and project lie where the may, hell, let them fall all over the floor and spill their paint on your carpet, walls and doors!

I missed the purity of passion behind living a life that was stupid and imaginative and childish in so many ways.

Not in Bali though ;)

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I recently spent some time in the land of milk and honey. A dream of mine for as long as I can remember or likely when I started surfing and realised cold water surfing is not necessarily my favourite.

In honest when going there, I had no idea what to expect. You hear things, social media shows you things and in the end you’re left not knowing what to believe. Again though, I went with my philosophy of if you want an opinion, go out and get It for yourself.

But, once I arrived – I arrived to something better than I ever could have expected.

I arrived to a playground, where passions were fine elixir poisons and potions that were drunk on the daily. Creativity flows naturally from your bones, nature and the passions of people around you drove you further, pushing you harder and faster into the things you love.

My advice, as my advice will always be - get to know the people!! The locals and even the expats that have stayed that side for a few years, respect their passions and learn from their playful, passionate ways.  Ignore the people who are arrogant and shit - because there will always be those people around. But make sure you learn from those that are passionate about the little things. That feel so deeply, you can't help but feel their passions too.

Whilst I was over in Bali I had met many amazing people who were doing the same thing as myself, traveling around not really knowing what to search for but drinking in the inspiration daily. We all came from different corners of the earth but instantly clicked and let the good times roll from there.

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I distinctly remember one evening and then a few evenings following that we had gotten into a discussion about what it is that Bali has that makes you feel the positive, good energy. Our arguments were  all the same, it's beautiful - yes, but there are other places we had been to that were far more beautiful. The surfing is great - yes, but there are beautiful breaks around the world that have emptier line-ups. The vibe and night-life is fun, but the traffic can be outrageous too!

There wasn't a distinct thing we could pin it down to besides the fact that there is this indescribable, palpable feeling that you get that is filled with positive energy and force that makes you want to wake up, charge your day with creativity and passion.  There is nothing that Bali has that nowhere else has, but this feeling. It was the final point we could conclude about what it is that makes us want to stay.

The first day I arrived in Uluwatu (my absolute favourite place in Bali) I met a Peruvian artist who has been studying and is very interested in the art of alignment and points of energy around the world. I had started to discuss the feeling that Bali gave me and how so many people had agreed and the struggle we were having with pinpointing what it actually was.

He exclaimed that he knew exactly what I had meant and that in his studies and research phase of many of his artworks he would research the energy points (chakras and vortexes) around the world.

Now, to be honest...I know there is a lot of debate as to whether these exist or not and I can't say that I absolutely believe it, but I also can't say that I don't believe it. I am completely indifferent and open to new opinions and pieces of information.

Anyway...He explained how there is an energy point that runs from Bali to Australia. He went on to explain that it is a female energy line linked with what could be called the reproductive energy of the earth, hence the feeling and desire to create. I was incredibly interested in this conversation and he had heaps of knowledge and opinions to share. He went on to explain how like us, mother earth is a living breathing body that has chakra points of energy that bring about a level of energy which you would be able to feel resonate within yourself.

In hearing this, and feeling the way I had felt about Bali and having had the conversation many times, nothing felt like a better explanation than this. We kept saying that we couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was about Bali, it was simply an inexplicably strong feeling and maybe it is just this; a very natural flow of energy from our beautiful earth through to us. One that made us want to create, to follow our passion and put a part of ourselves out into this world as an extension of us.

Never did I feel a negative competitive energy between these creators, quite the opposite in fact. every person was inspired by the next, drawn to collaborate, innovate and come together rather than compete and out do. It truly was refreshing to be around and something I hope to continue resonating throughout.

An energy that came through the green, through the waves and through every good moment had with great people. I will always love this about Bali, I will always want to go back and chase this feeling...and you never know, maybe I will ;)