New year, new risks, new horizons and a helluva set of nerves!

Hi guys,

So as the new year rolls in (about a week ago - better late than never I guess) I definitely find myself stumbling across a couple of pretty big milestones that need some serious decision making, hard work and dedication.

I started the year as I'm sure most people do: setting goals, making plans checking dates and putting it all down on paper (I even bought a diary - yes, the real deal). But instead of getting too serious and too overambitious about it, I had a feeling within me that just led me to back away from it all.

Mpumalanga flowers

Sure, I like the idea of being ambitious in the beginning of the year and the whole 'new year, new me' mantra. But I don't like the idea of how; if I haven't achieved this by a certain date a level of anxiety and pressure naturally befalls over me or how (and I'm not sure if this is just me) but as soon as I set goals and write them down, I have to achieve them - almost immediately. Without sounding too ridiculous and I do hate to admit itbut I have a great deal if impatience when it comes to reaching goals. I kind of want to have it all within a week. Which is totally unhealthy, unrealistic and completely stressful.

Mpumalanga flower

In comparison to last year, this years goals are really weighted. When it comes to milestones, risks taken (hopefully to pay off later), and big life-changing moves. This year is looking pretty damn intimidating at this stage. But instead of letting it intimidate me, I've just decided to have one New years resolution:


Follow my guts and listen to my instincts.


I know this sounds completely airy-fairy, unfocused and blasé. But fuck that! This, I have found is what has worked for me in the past. There is no point in trying to control everything, I think thats when we find ourselves tightening around our idea of something, only to be disappointed with the actual reality we receive.

Before I settled on this New years resolution, I settled into a quiet comfy spot and wrote down a few manifestations as I always do in the beginning of the year. I always do this to figure out what I truly want. I used to write down goals like: train 5 days a week, try get into yoga 3 time a week, make X amount of money, take care of my skin and try get back into art and my creative side. Pretty frivolous right?, and likely forgotten within the first month of the year.


This year I decided to shift my focus. Instead of looking at what I needed to put out to achieve my goals, I thought I would rather look at what I am willing to allow in to create my happiness. I eventually settled on a paragraph that I could read daily if I needed to. That would keep me inspired and calmly lead me into the year instead of intimidate and stress me out.

So here's what I landed on:

I am feeling inspired and ready for the New Year and ready for new and exciting energy. New adventures and conquests, new failures and triumphs. New love to nurture and receive, new people and new places.

Nourishing everything I have gained in this past year. Taking risks, big ones - the fuckup or fly ones - whilst following my heart, instincts and guts.

Living off the land and drawing inspiration through the energy this earth brings me. Soaking up the sun, howling at the moon and swimming naked at every opportunity I can get.

Being inspired by the stories of others and striving to inspire through my own. Listening and receiving people with warmth and grace. Opening each day with open arms and intrigue.

Let's not waste a single day!

Mnt. Rinjani

So, if you guys haven't set goals or even if you have and maybe want to take some pressure off of yourself this year. I think it would be a great experiment to try rather looking outwards in terms of what you're willing to welcome into your life in 2018. Take the pressure off of specifics and numbers in your goals and realise that (and yes, sounding rather cheesy) the universe has got something install for you this year and if your focus is on losing weight or getting that promotion or saving X amount of money, you might actually miss the opportunity when it presents itself.

To end off, although the year is still very young and  I have no doubt in my mind there are going to be huge challenges this year, i'm excited to see where 2018 will take me, I hope you guys are too!

Wishing you all nothing but good vibes, tonnes of moments filled with all the stoke and an abundance of fulfilling opportunities that keep you smiling throughout 2018! :)