Sometimes your fiance marries another person, that's life...lesson 3

Good morning & welcome to the Philippines!

Malapascua ocean view


Thought i'd treat you all to this beautiful view this fine morning :) I hope you all enjoyed my last two posts and I hope you're going to enjoy this one too! Keep in touch and please let me know if you're enjoying them :) would love the feedback!

So yesterdays post was all about tales of selflessness that absolutely inspired me in my travels. The little things, the small stories and just getting to know the person sitting next to you on the bus are such big draws of inspiration for me. Hearing peoples tales and how they perceive the world inherently gives me perspective on the world that I see.


Todays post is no exception, just getting to know the person next to me, his tale and outlook towards it made me change my outlook to things that have happened in my life that I might otherwise have deemed as heart-breaking, stressful or dramatic in some way. These things happen - it is life!

I met a man named Alex, who was driving myself and a newly made friend and a bunch of other strangers to a boat so that we could head out to the infamous Apo island to explore all the beautiful ocean wanders over there. With some luck it seemed the back of the jipney was completely full - so I got to ride shotgun :P

It was about a half an hour journey so naturally I was curious about the person I was sitting next to and we started up a conversation. A little while into the conversation he told me a story that made my heart sink into the pit of my stomach! Now, we have all been through break-ups, been cheated on and had our heart broken and in those moments of heartbreak - my world shatters, I feel it all and very deeply.

Well Alex had a completely different outlook...

Quick backstory about what happened: Alex saved enough money to send his fiancé over to Canada to see if she could perhaps get a job that side, he was working incredibly hard to do this as well as to save up enough money so that he could give her an amazing wedding. Well, turns out, she found something better on the other side. She ended up marrying a man from Canada and stayed on that side, with complete disregard for the life she had promised in the Philippines.

Instead of completely losing himself over this loss, he decided to take the money he was saving for the wedding and build himself a beautiful beachfront house in the Philippines. He still helps look after her family in the Philippines, they of course show remorse and apologise for her actions, but not much else besides the promise of his new home came out of that break-up.

Siquijor falls

When I asked if it


broke his heart...

(because in hearing it, it broke mine), he simply said: "Yes it hurt and it's not what I wanted, but that's life."

It was so simple, so profound and so true! Yes, these things happen, and it's never what we want - but that is life! He went on to say that he is happier than ever now, excited about his new home and opening that up to all the new and exciting possibilities. And there it is, the unexpected, seemingly unwanted and often painful experience is exactly the ticket we need to find our happiness.

Happy days

I would often come across stories like these in the Philippines, ones of real hardship, loss and struggle and yes we hear these stories all the time, all over the world! But for some reason in the Philippines the outlook towards that struggle is completely different. They know struggle and hardship but they know how to live through it, not dwelling on the bad but inspiring the good. Within themselves and others.

Forever grateful for this outlook and attitude, it was a lesson I took with me throughout my travels and that I hope to remember and resonate going forward. If something unexpected, unfavourable happens...that's life!