When things are a mess, nature cleanses!

Good morning!

Apo island

I hope you all have had an amazing week, filled with inspiration and happiness. We are on to the last part of the 4 part post! Keeping it light, filled with nature, energy and good vibes so that we can all feel the stoke heading into the weekend!

Apo island

If you're feeling a tad disorganised, unsatisfied or just anxious from the day-to-day, I hope todays post will inspire you to just get out, get moving and get involved in everything mother nature. It cleanses the soul, clears the mind and washes away anxiety. We often take for granted how calming and silencing nature can be to our surroundings, this was something I always knew but completely took for granted. Previously my vice was a glass of wine or two, it still can be but to be honest nothing clears my mind and puts things in perspective like a good surf, swim in the ocean, hike or even just a walk in the garden.

If there is anything I can urge you to do this weekend and throughout, find out which vice given to us by nature works for you and build a relationship with that, nurture it and protect it!

Throughout my entire stay in the Philippines and anyone that has ever been there will know; the entertainment is nature! Whether it be exploring the endless oceans, deep and shallow, searching for one in a million waterfalls with crystal clear water, splashing down canyons or just driving through forests on your scooter - the natural surroundings are endless.

Yes, there are always those places that will be more drenched in tourists than others, but that is like every place in the world right? you just have to take it as it is. But the one thing I noticed was everybody exposed to the natural surrounding could not help but have a huge grin on their face.

I did a lot of adventuring in the Philippines from diving to snorkeling to canyoneering to waterfall hunting to jumping off every cliff I could find into the big blue...it was well, not exhausting, busy yes! But in every moment I felt more rejuvenated and alive than ever!

Every time I left the water I felt accomplished, inspired, energised and I had always met people that felt the exact same way, it was freeing and completely healing.

In Siquijor (the last leg of my trip) I took a moment on the beach just to reflect on my time spent in the Philippines. I remembered thinking, shit! I have not had a moment to spare, to reflect, to look at my pictures, to not be on the go! But I didn't feel tired, in fact I was energised. I was horribly sunburnt, all my clothes were filthy I had just run out of every toiletry item I needed - in a sense my life was a mess and needed cleaning, but I felt completely cleansed, new, alive. I chalked this feeling up to what a guide had said to me when visiting a waterfall (pictured below) - he simply said: 


'Nature makes

sense and

calms me...

I don't like books or being indoors - I like nature, it gives me energy.'

I could not have said it better myself!

Everything I did in the Philippines gave me an invaluable lesson that I would not have received any other place in the world. Each person I had a conversation with taught me a way of thinking that I had been completely blind to before. I will forever be grateful for my time in the Philippines, I would not have changed traveling solo for a damn thing and if it came down to having all those conversations again, I would wish them to be longer.

Diving in the Philippines

Thank you so much the Philippines!! <3