I my love...I am a pirate

‘Who are you?’ he asks.

As I dance comfortably in my bare brown skin shaking my hips and bending my back.


I step up onto the table with wanton force.

Look down at him and run my fingers through his hair.


‘I, my love… I am a pirate.

I’ve voyaged our endless oceans to unimaginable places.

Taming each sea as I cross.


And in turn, she flows in me.

Making me wilder, untamed, uncaptured…

Dangerously exciting.


You’ll taste the salt in my sweat and feel the rush of urgency in my blood. The fierce deep green will gleam through my eyes.

I am the dancer of the ocean

And when I dance, my hips roll like some of the best breaks you’ve ever seen.


Endless lines of pure joy.


My touch is soft but my footsteps are loud and crashing.

Roll with me.

Feel the pressure pressing down and the weightlessness of

lifting up as my heart beats ceaselessly.

Filled with magnificent beasts and incandescent treasures - they are all the same.

Tricky and trying in their pursuit to escape.


I, my love… I am a pirate.

Marked only by my experiences – the good and the bad.

A free spirited lover that tames each sea as I cross.

Gaining her wild ideas and strength in current.


Creating the perfect storm. The perfect wave.

Smooth long lines, endless, free and rolling rolling



Roll with me.’

Bianca Skye Honey