Conversations with fisherman

A fisherman asked me:

“Do you want to come out on the boat with me?”

I smiled then stood up from the rock I was sitting on;

'But how do I know you won’t feed me to the fish?'

A little shocked and letting out a small chuckle he looked out to the ocean, looked down at his feet, then back up at me, and said:

“If I feed you to the fish, you’ll turn into a mermaid”

‘Well, that doesn’t sound too bad to me’

“Yes” he said.

“But then you will belong to the ocean”

‘And is that such a bad thing?’ I replied.

He looked at me and smiled:

“If we keep throwing mermaids back into the ocean, what would be left?"

I shrugged.

He continued:

"Just a bunch of aimless men looking out to the ocean trying to find something beautiful”

‘But you men look out to the ocean anyway, even when all the mermaids are on land.’

“Well, the ocean is a safe place to look for something beautiful, isn’t it?” he said with sincere appreciation.

But I couldn’t argue with that, so…

‘Sure, let’s go on the boat tomorrow.'